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Sunday, June 29, 2008
Good to be back here!
Woot, Kartika Dumasari is back on blogging, YAY! lmao.

I have to admit that Nexus has taken quite a lot of my precious time that I barely forgotten the fact that I have another life, a REAL life.

Since I've arrived at Melbourne, I spent a lot of my time wandering around with my family and catch up with good old friends. School will start soon and that means I will have lesser time to have fun. Anyway, I met a few interesting ppl at enrollment day. The enrollment day itself went quite well, I'd have to say. We met the school staff and chose our subject. We are allowed to take up to 24 credits (which means 2 subject) per semester. I decided to take:
Woot. Little I know about those two subjects, but I hope those will be interesting subjects. Can't believe it, I'm about to start masters yo! Duh. I hope I will survive.

Ah yeah, some of you have been askin me, what on earth nexus is. So here, I bring you two screenshots from the game.

This actually was taken on my character wedding day with GedOn.

And this is our house in Naju, Buya Kingdom.
(and no, it does not look like a refugee camp :P )

Almost forgot, I'M GOING TO HAVE MY CONVO SOON! yay, my first convo after 3 years grieving at university. It will be on the 17th of August 2008, at 3pm. EXACTLY on Indonesia's independence day. How interesting, no?