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Friday, April 11, 2008
Indonesia: Be Kind, Rewind Mission
Oh well, I never expect that Indonesia will be such a coward in communication and technology.

As you probably already know, Indonesian government banned five top websites which contain Fitna movie or whatever inside their site, including my beloved YouTube, MySpace and Multiply.

C'mon dude, what do you expect out of those banning? You should have educate people, not deciding what's good or bad for the citizens. You ain't our parents, mind you.

I feel disappointed learning that the era of Suharto might be coming back (for Indonesians, remember those publishing license (SIUPP) and Tempo case?). And that's the worst scenario of freedom of information. Hopefully our university students once again will go on the demonstration, fighting for free flow of information.

Or maybe they're too tipsy to do so.
Oh well, long live those night clubs
*this is a sarcasm, mind you*