Encapsulated Delusion
"Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed"
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Complicated Mind

I have dreams. I am one of those people you will find constantly sitting on a bench at a park nearby or pretty much everywhere. I love creating another world in my head, putting everyone I like there and ditch people I don't really like. My friend said I'm too naive, for having a though that there's such thing like unconditional kindness.

I cried too. Well, a cry that people never expected to come from one noisy bug called kartika dumasari. I don't really like the idea of people see me crying, I just don't. I will go home or find an empty room, and do the thing. I will do the self talk thingy, or even shout at nobody and cry until my brain says "stop". and I will stop, wash my face and back to the reality. But sometimes it's not that easy. When you lose people you care the most, you just couldn't stop thinking about them over time.

I always think that everyone deserves a second chance, another reason for my lovely friend to call me naive. Well, trying to keep yourself happy in this world is not an easy job to do. I keep myself busy with my thoughts, my family, my roberlin and my closest friends. And I thank them for being there in my ups and downs.
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid and KLCC
Let's start today's bitching class.

Once upon a time..

There's this mall in a secluded area called Sunway Pyramid which those school punks go to after college or during the weekend.

We decided to walk from mentari court to sunway pyramid. result? basket nyeeetttt parah. We were sweating like crazy but then managed to go to Kim Gary and grab some snacks. We ordered french toast, ying yong hongkong style, baked chicken wings with cheese and also a burger. hmmm...

This french toast made my day. hahaha..

During the dinner time, I can't help it but crying over my external hardrive. it saves my life.

Oh, it's 9pm, time to wake mr.sleepyhead up. What can I do, he slept again after breakfast. dasar bet kamu nyebelin banget.

Can we go home? I'm tired.

Okay, one place more.

Goodnight KL.
Thursday, September 13, 2007
an apple, an earthquake, LDR and stereotyping
it's 12 am and i still can't sleep. so, i will indulge myself in another bitching session today.I found it funny, when lately, i engaged in this situation called "an apple a day makes your life healthier". Fact is, I can't afford buying those expensive snacks for my late night craving habit. So, yes, I decided to stick with apples. It's such a good companion for your hungry stomach when you still awake at 2 o'clock in the morning, either doing your paperwork or simply having insomnia syndrome. Well, just make sure you don't pick the green one.

Surprisingly, ellyn's consciousness of tremor is very strong. She felt it when Indonesia hit by small scale of tsunami yesterday and early morning afterwards. When she asked me whether I feel it or not, I was laughing while telling her that it might be wrong. But then I felt it by myself. It was scary since we are staying in the 17th floor, and the tremor was quite strong

And, surprisingly again, I engaged in another long distance relationship. I'm not going to preach about how difficult it is or how ldrs tend to end up unhappily ever after or how jealous I am seeing ellyn went out in regular basis with ah wong. What I'm going to do is bersyukur (it sounds better in bahasa indonesia) and work my ass off to make it works.

And finally (which i dont have any picture to support this), i'm talking about stereotyping. Today, my class had organizational behavior test. When i'm about to go out since i finish my paper early, my lecturer asked me whether i'm fasting or not. *sigh* . and I said "no miss, I'm Catholic". okay, now she's stereotyping me, just because I look like a Malay (all Malays in Malaysia are muslim, or that's what I know so far). I've been experiencing this for ages, but sometimes, it still gives me an electric shock.

Okay, so long, goodnight.
Saturday, September 8, 2007
Camwhores of Taylor's
Oh boy, God knows we all are camwhores most of the time. This week allows us to take quite numbers of picture around kuala lumpur. Ups, not around Kuala Lumpur, it's more to around Taylor's College, Bukit Bintang, and KLCC Park. So, here the pics are..(kindly puke after you see all of the pics, not during.)

We know it's dirty and wet, but we just can't resist when Leroy said "Selina, go there!". Snap.

As Cheryl said, this is "frame to frame pic"

So, yeah, we're friggin' tired after all those walks. Dinner time? certainly.

No, this is not my first time coming here. It's my erm..1000 time?

Surprise, surprise. We're intruders. And we met the Tan Sri.

We do look like tourists, no? Get in, faster, FASTER. and get out. hihi.

Where were we? umm..?

Bukit bintang - KLCC. Exercise dude!

Say hi to Leroy's new family. and uh, Selina and Leroy actually look like they're on honeymoon. peace guys ;)

Food poisoning? A very long Taxi q? ring the bell?

Aww..poor students have to study. Relax, this is our 2nd last sem.

Thinking of the days..I'll be missing you guys (where's Cheryl??)
Saturday, September 1, 2007
A bit of everything
pinky promise, only this time I put your picture (not even a picture, it's only the threshold of you!) here. hello everyone, this is obet, and he just celebrated his birthday yesterday. hohoho.
ohhh right, so let's talk about mallaca. last week cheryl, rena, resa, selina, leroy and I went to Mallaca to seek for information about Peranakan Culture for our ethnic relations class. Well, the trip turned out to be holiday trip (hoho, like what i was expected). We took bus from KL straight away to Mallaca. Then Rena's dad fetched us. We were there for four days, and in those four days we ate a lot, A LOT! Thanks to Rena who were willing to have five pigs in her house. And here are some pics we took (out of zillion pics).

This is not an ordinary graffiti. It's actually an ad for murals.
And oh, it was extremely hot back then. I swear.

McD everwhere. But it's okay since we had spanish tan.
I'm lovin it, how about you?

We had satay celup for dinner
Look at the Kangkung!

Resa took this, and it's actually quite funny.
Look at me, ready-to-boker-soon-pose.

This is Mr. Cheong's gallery.
He's crazy yet very nice to all of us.

We're near Rena's house, Ujong Pasir.
The beach is not really nice, but at least Cheryl finished her HW.

okay, we admit it, we're all camwhore.

So long Mallaca!