Encapsulated Delusion
"Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed"
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
ages since last post.
well, lazy to write as per usual.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest cousin nadya.
life sucks lately,
last friday, 16th of february, i lost my newborn baby cousin named aviv. He passed away three weeks after born. sadly, i havent seen him. not even once. I let God to take care four important people in my life; my grandad, my aunt, my baby cousin as well as my beloved cousin frederick. i am fully aware that most of the time, life become not so easy for each of us. as the time goes on, i learn how to cope with things i dont like. im still learning and its not easy. my mood swings most of the time. it became hard for me to control my ego; my emotion. bad part is, i show it to people. somehow it's important for me to let people know that i was angry. i try really hard now not to let 'em know. now that i'm easily annoyed by things, i really have to be careful.
Oh, God of kindness, where are u?
Monday, February 5, 2007
Alright, so today, finally, im able to watch Death Note 2: The Last Name with resa after nobody wanna see it. We arrived too early for the movie so we decided ( I decided hahaha..) to eat @ sushi king (again??). I ate 3 plates of sushi and also macha (green tea with red bean in the middle) ice cream. So nice and so expensive. Well, a treat after frustating day (oh shit, I always have this kind of excuses)..

So, we saw the movie. It was 2 and a half hours I guess. I enjoyed it till the last scene altough I still cant figure out some puzzle. Sad, though, that two main characters died in the end. Plus, in this sequel, I realized that Ken'ichi Matsuyama, the one who played L, is a hottie. LMAO. well, he looks pale and scary in the movie but actually he looks good. But why, why why why they have to die in the end. Oh, by the way Erika Toda (played Misa Amane) is cute as well. Alright, so the most wanted movie that im dyin' to see now is Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and also the last book, book 7 which will be out this July 2007. Really looking fwd for the book. Till' we meet again Harry Potter. hahah..
Sunday, February 4, 2007
This is some part of a room where i practically live 24/7. Its a middle room of the penthouse with blue as its basic wall paint with retro heart border. This corner is the corner i mostly spend my time. Books, laptop, printer, memo board, cd player and all those small small stuff I put here. This corner will be crowded once the deadlines coming. Paper here and there, plates, mugs, snacks are scattered everywhere until I have no idea where should I step to walk. Crazy eh?

Alright, move the next snapshot. Oh, here it comes, my precious green beanbag chair which I get from room. Well, i know, its not as good as leather chair or whatever u might think about. I blew up that green baloon. Seriously. hahaha..kinda funny though if I think about that. My friends like, asking me to fill the chair with water so that it will feel cold sitting there. Im scared though, that it will be damaged if i put water in. Well, gotta try someday, definetely not now. Behind, as u can see, i put my highschool pictures, my college's mates, my housemates, my cousins all either in 4R forms or index print pages.

Okay, so, this is the last shot, my hall of fame; or hall of shame? hahaha..LMAO.
Left to Right:
1. Astri & I, had dinner @ sushi king, our favourite sushi restaurant ever with its tori karaage sushi. nice.
2. My family
3. Rya my beloved cousin & I @ pizza hut, meeting our old friends and end up paying the bill =(
4. My family & my granma from dad side
5. My family & my grandparents from my mom side
Thursday, February 1, 2007
My name is kartika dumasari.
I was born in jakarta, on 14th of june 1988.
I have a great family who supports me everytime.
I love them to death and i never want to be a part of other families.
I have a supermom and a great dad who love me so much, i can tell you.
I always try to be a grateful for who am I and what I have.
I have one adorable sister ever, a naughty but nice younger sister.
I have two great-same-age cousins who i am proud of.
I have my best cousin up there with God, always love you the late Fredrick Hamonangan Pardede.
I dont really have a BFF (yes, double F) kind of thing currently, i stick with my old fellas.
I have a high trust on everybody and i believe in second chance.
It is easy for me to forgive people.
I prefer giving than receiving.
Seeing those happy faces with smiles pump my mood and boost up my energy.
You smile, I will too.
I am not a straight A student and dont want to be one, i like being an average student.
I dont really like someone who is over-kind, those saints kind of people with angelic faces, ready to help or being such a nice person to get something they want.
Oh, i dislike fake person as well, they suck.
I never really hate certain people.
My mood swings very fast, which something i really need to change.
If i am pissed off of some stuff, you can see it by looking at my face, it shows.
I prefer going to live music showcase than clubs, don't have any particular reason.
I hate monoton tasks, i need colour.
I am a multitasker, I do so many things but barely can finish all.
I do last minute works most of the time, im not proud of it.
I have one a-must-have-thing-on-my-bed-when-i-wanna-sleep called ade item (a penguin)
I love black, red, white and blue.
I am a Dragon - Gemini.
I listen to almost all kind of musics including jazz hiphop rnb.
Oh, i am a harry potter freak.
I read all the series and watch the movies.
I read enid blyton's, im in love with all of her books including famous five, secret seven, malory towers, naughtiest girls and st.claire.
I watch inspirational pedagogical films, films that inspired me, films that make me think, give food for my thought.
I love to eat.
I enjoy range of foods.
I sleep a lot, I have no idea why but i need to sleep.
I am hyperactive, I don't know where do I get all those energy.
I am bubbly, fussy, talkactive, whatever u name it.
I made dry jokes when I do it in English, as i said, my grammar sucks.
I am a story-teller, nanny for all my cousins, I love kids.
I like writing, but in my mother language, not English, my grammar sucks.
I like social works but i am not a social butterfly.
I dont have any special issues, i think.
Lastly, I never regret of being me, i love it.
I know, you think i am too proud of myself?
Yes, i am =)