Encapsulated Delusion
"Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed"
Sunday, December 31, 2006
au revoir 2006. great year i had, but surely 2007 will be full of surprises
God bless us and Indonesia
Monday, December 25, 2006
have ourselves a very MERRY CHRISTMAS
merry x'mas everyone. may His blessings stay with us forever and ever. This is my house is the host for open house and it was a great one. most of our family members came today and we had a lot of fun with those kiddos ran everywhere. We had a lot of food as well.

united in sisterhood


featuring two ultimate cousins

Been a long time since the three of us gathered together since im studying in KL and my cousin sister studying in Malang, Java and another one in Jkt. We talked a lot today including brainstorming session about our business plan. LOL.

aries in red VS adiet in squares

mr. star-of-the-day VS mr. cool

Aries was the star of the day cuz he sang carols and also played piano, the whole day! hahah..he's a cool kid i can say. Adiet was very quiet today, well i hv no idea why.

the girls

kiddos and our beloved grandparents

[happy birthday eyang putri, we love u so much]

Not to forget, today is my eyang putri's birthday, so we sang a happy birthday song + pray for her so that God will always give her good health and so on. We took a lot of pictures today and also change presents among the kids. Well, this year's x'mas is the greatest x'mas i've ever had cuz i had all my cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents @ my house.

ps: thanks for all the sms, phone calls, messages be it using friendster, my hotmail or my gmail, thanks a lot friends!oya, happy birthday as well to my friend Andri.

Sunday, December 24, 2006
[sneak preview] pieces of x'mas spirit
And today, featuring my house: some x'mas thing inside my house. Not able to put much tough cuz i have to do another stuff. So, here they are...

This x'mas i'm not able to bake a lot of cookies due to time constraints and lack of help. So, i only baked one kind of cookies, a very chocolate and flaky one. I sent it to my relatives, neighbours & close friends and also some kiddos @ my sister's school.
Saturday, December 23, 2006
catch cold
pilek pilek pilek. pilek berat. sucks. 25 december is just another 2 days and i am sicko. i baked like 2 rounds of cookies today as my mum asked me to. so bored with baking thingy cuz i already done this for the past 3 weeks. anyways today we went for last minute x'mas shopping spree and went back with zillion things mostly batik craft for my uncles and aunties. well done well done, did not get something for myself tough. now it's raining cats and dogs outside which is so peaceful hahaha. LMAO. okay, gotta check on my cookies.
Friday, December 22, 2006
proud to be Indonesian

[and so i write using Bahasa Indonesia]
Kok sepertinya udah lama ngga nulis pakai bahasa indonesia, jadi aneh ya. haha. sekarang udah jam 10:51 dan gw masih berada dalam baju tidur gw *ia, ia tau jorok banget sih gue* berhubung gw lagi sakit *alesan bgt* padahal sakitnya cuma radang tenggorokan yang cukup bikin kepala pusing tiga keliling dan bersin bersin terus. alah, kasihan banget sih? mau natal natal gini malah sakit. Sepagian duo ade-ade sepupu gw yang agak miring ngga berhenti2xnya main o2jam sampai bosen denger lagu yang sama dimainin terus.

ki-ka : ade gw Citra & ade sepupu gw Dhea

Berhubung gw nge post foto ade2x sekalian deh semua yang bisa gw temuin di notebook gw postingin. Berikut *alah bahasanya* adalah sepupu2x gw yang bisa gw temuin fotonya:




Dua makhluk dibawah ini seumur sama gw yang otomatis bikin gw dan mereka sering main bareng tak terlepaskan *alah* hahah..



Nggak lupa, kakek dan nenek; nyokap dan bokap gw:

Granpa & Granma

Mom & Dad

Sebenernya masih banyak sepupu-sepupu yang ngga terposting soalnya fotonya acak adul bareng-bareng; total foto foto di notebook gw sepertinya cukup untuk membuat notebook nge-hang deh saking banyaknya. Sayangnya gw males banget rapi rapiin semuanya *sambil tetep membersit hidung karna pilek*. Baiklah sodara-sodari tampaknya gw mesti makan siang sehubungan dengan bau sedap yang muncul dari dapur tercinta. Budayakanlah bahasa Indonesia!
Thursday, December 21, 2006
get downie pownie
Alright, today i am sick. not too sick, just another round of sore throat thing. Annoying tough cuz i can't eat fried food and eat ice cream in these hot days. OMG i spent my morning glory playing that o2jam game which made my fingertips went curly. HAH!Seems that it will be raining soon outta here. X'mas coming soon early next week and i still have no idea about what kind of present should i give to my granma (her birthday is on the 25th), totally not cookies i bake by myself nor christmas flowers altough those are shortcut.
It seems that i have to re-organize all photos in my notebook and also at home cuz all are screwed up. Easy to say but i have to sort , like, a zillion photos and thats a lot to do in a day. University sucks in the begining of the sem and i have to face that on january 4th. Crap. Hope semester holiday come faster than before.
Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today we went to plaza senayan for lunch (man, i haven't set my feet here like for ages!!). We consist of myself, Rika, Maya, Lidya and also Bilmi. Well, it was fun having lunch together plus we took some photos along the way. What a good day was today. After plaza senayan thingy, we also went to beloved cheesecake factory @ tebet to meet my friend. a very fast one tough cuz he has to fetch his friends somewhere. well the strawberry cheesecake & manggo tanggo ice cream tasted good. alrighty, got nothing to tell, so gotta go.
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
What's up with the attitude?
Recently, Jakarta has a new, special way for those motorcycles. a good idea since there are too many motorcycles on the road. Funny thing is, motorcycles only follow their special way only if there are policeman/woman watching over them. Once they are out of sight, they'll use the regular road. What's up with the attitude, people? u don't obey rules just because someone's watching over u. Sadly, many ppl still don't understand how to behave even on the road. Ppl just care about their time without paying any attention to the safety of others, and that is so dissapointing. Grow up ppl...
Monday, December 18, 2006
may not able to see it someday
live life; appreciate time

yesterday i went to aiport (again for the sixth time) to pick my aunt up. i found out that ppl lost their attitude nowadays, not surprising however. airport made a smoking area inside a small box so ppl who want to smoke won't bother others. instead using the box, ppl smoke freely in an ac room which made the arrival hall smelly and smokey. another dissapointment i found was the waiting area. ppl just stand in front of the exit gate which made others difficult to go trough the gate. totally understand that they want to see their relatives, friends or whoever they wanna see, but still they have to wait on the right track, not blocking others to go out. This is a simple thing that ppl just dont know or even dont care about. We live in a world consists of written and unwritten rules. Im not saying that we have to obey all rules happened to be there in our life. We just have to remember that we live not for ourselves but also for others, and for every situation involving others, we have to try to obey the game rules. Respect others as they will usually respect u back.

Sunday, December 17, 2006
a good morning
sunday jog ? cancelled. we overslept and that sucks. well, not a bad morning tough. only to wake up and find unknown person just went out from my kitchen's bathroom. even worse when i found out ppl watching my john tucker must die. thats even worse. lol. anyways this morn i managed to cook some yummy meatbollie. too much cheese inside i supposed. haha nevermind, my sisters are eating that thing like crazy, so i think its good enuff.
well well well today im going to pick my aunt @ the airport (which means the sixth this month) cuz she's going back for x'mas. hurrah! this x'mas my house will be the host to celebrate it plus my grandma's bday. will be a great celebration. so sad tough cuz it means another x'mas without (fill in the blank) hhehehe...
alrighty, gotta call my mother to start eating my meatbollie before those girls kick all out to their stomach.
Saturday, December 16, 2006
saturday afternoon
another saturday, stay at home with my two stupid sisters (they saw me writting this) alohaha. well, i have no idea about what should i do today. i have no money (yea rite im 18 and still ask my mom for it, ashamed tough.) and i have no driving permit. shithead. i am so scared about the idea of driving, side effect of watching action movies too much i guess. anyways my dad keep pushing me to take that stupid permit this holiday (and i keep refuse to take that).
my sister just cut her hair and she looks like DORA the explorer. omg, she looks so stupid!



ahhaha.. j/k. alrighty, guess i gotta go and do some stuff , no? catch me later ;)
Friday, December 8, 2006
Sailed On
And here i am, typing for another site for blogging. What can i say, can't resist to try new stuff on the go. Problem is, i have to keep all my blog updated and i'm so lazy to do so, not to forget it wastes my precious *blah* time (which i spend for sleeping + eating + watching dvds). So, anyways, today im going to do some useful stuff (i think) including hosting my KL friends and meeting some of my old friends. A good day to start 'doing something'!!